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Birthday List <3

So, people have been asking what i want for my birthday. Here is a list of affordable things that you could get. They arent in any order, but please reply to this post if you are getting something off this list, then i can amend it ....so i dont get two of the same present!!!!

This has been edited - taking off all the gifts already purchased


1. Fever To Tell by Yeah Yeah Yeahs - £6.99 at play.com

2. I'm Wide Awake It's Morning by Bright Eyes - £9.99 at play.com

3. Antics by Interpol - £8.99 at play.com

4. All That We Let In by Indigo Girls - £9.99 at play.com

5. London Calling (25th Anniversary Edition) (2CD + DVD) by The Clash - £13.99 at play.com

German DVD love <3.....

1. Anatomy - £7.95 at play.com

2. Run Lola Run (german - Lola Rennt) £7.99 at play.com

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