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You say its gonna happen now? But when exactly do you mean?

I'm all uneasy and not sure why. Ok, maybe i do. I'm scared... weird thing to admit to, but its true..

The things i am scared of at this point in time:

  • The future - its there and big and gaaah!
  • The past - it may be dealt with, but at what cost?
  • Being lonely - i'm scared of leaving those i love behind in september.
  • Lastly, i'm scared that i'm scared... i think it is because right now i am so damn happy that i don't want things to change. This makes me a little discontent... paradox in itself, i know.... 

I know i have you guys... thank you all for making me so fucking happy...

<3  Love you all    *mwah*

Edit: I watched "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind today... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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